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Rehearsal Review 1/27/2010 ohmigosh i totally just wrote 2009 first

Hey, sorry about the hiatus. It's been a busy few weeks for Chinese Ballroom. Kate is back from travels, Vince is moving (don't worry, just to Oakland) and the blog went through some vanity changes and no one could figure out how to add new posts. But we did. Finally. And here are some hilarious scenarios from our last few practices.

--Boobs with accents and personalities.
--Speech lessons for Arnold Schwarzenegger
--A 14 year-old girl and her Honduran lover she met online
--Ogregasms (an ogre's probably could figure that one out)
--A tech company that shoots clay pigeons while coming up with the latest social media trends, namely D'Friend, the french equivalent to Facebook
--Santa Claus's war on Secret Santa exchanges

And some memorable lines:

"We kept bringing it back to poop, so I think we did a good job."

Okay that's the only quote that I can read on my messily-typed-iPod-touch-notes. But it's a pretty important one. Kind of sums up Chinese Ballroom. OK, TTYL.


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