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Rehearsal Review 3/30

We played a new game today! 5-4-3-2-1. Look for it at our next show.

Some funny scenarios from our practice:

Bionic Billy, a little boy with bionic fingers, bionic eyes and a bionic penis who goes on a violent, robbery and rape rampage, then turns good and applies to San Jose State.

An evil pilot who lets the newbie fly a plane.

Three Tigers, the hottest new dance cru on MTV, that Mario Lopez sabotages when he takes out one of the team members.

We also learned that the world's worst time to sneeze would be when you're solving a puzzle on Wheel of Fortune. And that the world's worst time to be on the receiving end of a sneeze would probably be when the dentist takes off her mask to examine your mouth.

Stay tuned for some Improv Cam footage...that's right...Andy had a camera on his head for part of the practice, so you can see what Chinese Ballroom practice is like through Andy's eyes. AKA, just some boobs.


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