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Chinese Ballroom Rehearsal Update...from NYC

We're a tight-knit group. 3,000 miles away and I still maintained my mental connection with the team. Here are some highlights from last night's practice:

-Camp Onomatopoeia, where the kids are all goofy, and the counselors are all seemingly unconscious.
-A father and son (Civil War?) re-enactment team who also brew Sasparilla...from the mother's nipples...
-The Onion Dance- a hot new dance taking over the discotechs! And the Championship Mother/Son team that created it!
-After Jupiter is destroyed by an asteroid, Astrophysicists Bob and Phillips have to help Earth get back on track, but with a new season (Sprung) and a new race (green alien lovers,) just how do they do it?! By tolerance...somebody must have read the blog. ;) Also, the green alien lovers/children speak in movement, and sometimes, it looks like their spinning an air basketball.
So, just to keep myself sharp while I'm absent for two weeks, coming back from drinks with an old friend (Erin Ashland) I struck up an actual improv game with the two lovely ladies I was in NY with. Mind you this was at the exact time CB was practicing. We played "3-person ABC" and our scene was watching Little Timmy being eaten by a lion at the zoo and then figuring out that my girlfriend was actually Donald Trump in disguise and the only thing left to do was knife him. Spreading the Chinese Ballroom love.


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