Next Show:10th Anniversary Show! // Mar 15 at 8:00pm // PianoFight, SF

''s improv.

Chinese Ballroom is extremely excited for their upcoming show on August 21st at the Phoenix Theatre. (9pm, $3, 414 Mason St, SF, 4th floor)

To get into top shape, and since CB is working on a slightly different format for this show, we invited some dedicated Chinese Ballers to watch our most recent practice.

Here are the highlights from the practice:

All they wanted was some ass: Horny Ass...tronauts fighting rioting Green Bay Packers fans after football game. They were supposed to go to Uranus, but that wouldn't have been as funny.

One Bus Stop Stand: They met at a bus stop. Instant sparks. One amazing night. The child (Timothy) raised by his father without never knowing his mother...until the day she calls; their lives would never be the same. [The contract with Lifetime for the movie rights is in the works.]

Retirement Party: Who wouldn't want to host a party to celebrate the end (retiring) of the Bachelorette? But would you invite a smoothie addict, a Justin Bieber mega-fan, and a balloon? What happened next was everything short of amazing.

Knights on the Sand: In order to impress the maidens of the medieval times, a Prince and his loyal "Sir Knight" endeavor to win a sandcastle contest. But when the Prince suddenly dies, the knight must summon all his courage and continue on his quest...ya know, to further impress the ladies.

Romance on the Prairie: It started out as a romantic encounter on the prairie between a simple algebra teacher and a mysterious wandering Cowboy. BUT, as always happens, 14 kids later, the Cowboy is "roped in" as a husband. Worse yet, they're all algebra-loving pussies. And then the stranger and his strong, courageous, strapping son arrive to give the forlorn Cowboy an escape. He trades his 14 pussy kids for the strangers son, and throws in his wife for good measure.

...All in all, a fairly solid practice. ...Although, I think Chinese Ballroom has some daddy issues and some sexual tension to work through. See you August 21st!!



  1. You do realize that you are showing a Copyright protected image without permission right?
    I know Because It's my image. Mike Massengale, Artist.