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Fun with Google Images

Hello. Kate here. Google amazes me. It truly does. It is a brilliant search engine that answers every question possible. Whenever my roommates and I are hanging out and we ask a question that no one knows the answer to, we automatically go, "GOOGLE!" and whoever is closest to a computer is in charge of looking up the answer. Recent examples: What were that ratings of Jersey Shore's season premiere? How big is a queen size bed? Who won the World Cup in 1942? (HAH! Trick question. There WAS no World Cup in 1942! Oh...Google knew that). And the brilliance is, when searching, you don't even have to ask the question can literally type in "Ratngs Jrsy Shrre seeesonn too" or basically "me want know answer." It's brilliant.

So. If Google knows everything, then if you type in a word into the image search engine, then the first image that pops up must be the end-all, most defining image for that word. Right? Right.

Like, beauty.

disgusting (okay you don't want to see what came FIRST, so here's what came SECOND):






meaning of life:

WHOA!!!! Good one Google!
You win. You always do.


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