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Harry Potter and the Stoned Sorcerers

Three years ago, Meghann, Nico and I (Kate here) had a dream. A big dream. We dreamed of writing up a Harry Potter parody that involved our favorite wizards getting stoned. Like, really stoned. We were to call the skit "Harry Potter and the Stoned Sorcerers." It would involve the three courageous friends coming across a "potion" they had never seen before. They would light it on fire to see what happens, and then get really, really baked. The skit would be full of witty remarks and hilarious British accents. Then there would be a follow-up skit, called "Harry Potter and the Half-Baked Prince." Alas, our dream was put on hold for three years, mostly because we were too drunk to pull out a pen and paper when we were coming up with this comedy gold.

Well my friends, our dream was fulfilled today.

Meghann and I penned the skit.

And we will perform it soon. Keep your eye out for the video.