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Nico's Lazy Sunday (apology edition)

Dear Chinese Ballroom,

I'll go ahead and start this by saying, "wow, I totally f-ed up!" So as many of you know the 7th of July in the year 2010, I turned 24! Yay right? But the day before that I decided to back out of improv practice due to circumstances involving red wine and cosmos. I know you guys wanted to surprise me with a delicious spread of goodies and liquids that night, but much to your chagrin, I was not apart of it. So team, this is my open letter of apology to you. Please know I love you all and that I should not have mixed business with plastered.

Sincerely sorry,

This is a visual and musical interpretation of how I felt about ditching practice:


  1. Apology not accepted until you come over and take your pants off. You know the rules.