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Nico's Lazy Sunday (Redhead's Edition)

I met a bald Irish guy at a party. He was nice, we talked about where to find the best honey for a while then topic of hair was introduced by my expensively-weaved friend Natalie. "They're $300 of real hair" she would say when people compliment her locks. I figured this would be my in to ask this guy what I've been wanting to ask him since I started talking to him!

"Um, so were you a red head?"

The answer "yes". The carpet a fiery amber, the drapes long gone. I'm sure it wasn't the most appropriate question to ask a bald guy. Like asking a leper when was the last time they went tanning. Guys have a tough time with hair. It's a masculinity thing but I had to know the details, his roots if you will.

Through the years red headed individuals, "gingers", or "gingy" as like like to call them, have been down and out as a society. Yes, there have been key gingy's such as, Julliane Moore, the Lucky Charms dude and Annie. But overall it's been a bumpy road for them. Most recently, the media has been blowing up with negative gingy press. Like for example the troubled gingy Lindsay Lohan. She's facing 90 days in jail for breaking probation! Absurdity! This was a major blow to the community. Even in music the gingy's are getting a bad rap. The new music video of M.I.A's song "Born Free" ( features gingys getting shot at and stepping on land-minds. Politically, when was the last time we had a gingy in the white house? Who knows? With all the negativity going around red-heads nowadays, I thought to myself while talking to the Irishman, maybe he's better off bald? Or maybe it's really not all that important to care about hair. It's silly to give it that much opinion. Our conversation eventually moves on to something else, I forget what about though. But I do remember the taste of whisky-ginger from that night.


  1. you don't know're not god.

  2. Thank you for giving me nightmares Nico. Seriously. Thank you.