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Stand-Up Thursdays: Remakes

Every year, more and more great old movies, books, and beloved childhood tv shows get remade into trite shadows of their former glory. Most of us have gotten used to seeing our memories remade to turn a buck, sadly shaking our heads as we wait in line to see the live-action version of Care Bears staring Jim Breuer as Bedtime Bear, Richard Simmons as Birthday Bear, Miley Cyrus as Cheer Bear, Zooey Deschanel as Friend Bear, Jack Black as Funshine Bear, Seth Green as Good Luck Bear, Al Pacino as Grumpy Bear, and Robert Pattinson as Tenderheart Bear (Love-a-Lot and Wish Bear still to be cast).

But it doesn't stop there. Nearly every part of our lives are being remade. Music gets remade on an almost hourly basis, and while some good music works it's way into your lives, most of it is crap that was done right the first time and should have been left alone. US currency has been going through a drastic face lift over the past decade or so and again, some changes were for good, some not so good. Even our planet itself is being remade thanks to the efforts of everybody's favorite oil company (obviously this one is pure not good).

Amongst all these shattered relics of our past, I have seen a shinning light through the darkness. Okay, that might be going overboard, but Slovin & Allen's remake of Abott & Costello's famous Who's On First bit is pretty amazing. (Watch Aboot & Costello's bit first if you haven't heard it yet)
Slovin & Allen - Abbott & Costello
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