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Stand-Up Thursdays: Soccer Fever

The World Cup has ended with one of the slowest and most boring final matches in history as Spain beat the Netherlands in a 1-0 OT victory. Even though the sound of vuvuzelas is slowly fading from our memories, Americans still don't seem to be jumping on the world's bandwagon by loving Soccer, despite a near-historic World Cup showing for our nation, the highest recorded rating for a Soccer match in the US, and a beautiful lingerie model fulfilling her pledge to run through the streets naked despite her team losing. What could it be? Too many people faking injuries? Not enough action and scoring? Being blamed for calling it Soccer, not Futbol, when the English actually came up with the word?

Nobody really knows for sure, but Robin Williams has a few ideas why in his Live on Broadway HBO special. (Sorry about the subtitles, it's the only clip I could find that's has the entire bit)



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