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Stupid Shit I Have Said

Hello, Kate here. Sorry about the delay in posting...the thing is, my mom and best friend Bri were in town, and I was suuuuuper busy being spoiled with sangria to be bothered to write anything. But here I am, about to write something about how stupid my mind can be sometimes.

This is a lil' reenactment of an actual thing that I once said.

Bri: I'm bored. What do you want to do?
Me: I don't know...want to play a game?
Bri: Okay. We could play Never Have I Ever!
Me: Meh, we already know everything about each other.
Bri: Yeah. What about I Spy?
Me: Bri. We're not 11 years old.
Bri: Okay, well what do YOU want to play?
[pause while I think.]
Me: Ooh, ooh! I got it! Okay, how about we play this: you say can be anything. Something about what you feel, or something that happened to you in the past. Then something you say will trigger something in me, and I will then think up a story that pertains to something in MY life. And we keep going!
[pause while it sinks in.]
Bri: Kate.....that's a conversation.

Anyway, it IS a fun game. Ya'll should try it.


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