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TGIM!: Can I Make a Sketch Outta That?

This is the question I am constantly asking myself. Usually the answer I arrive at is 'no', which is why I am now letting you decide! I've already made the mistake of passing on that Al Roker Parody we wrote (ours would have been so much better!). Oh and how can I forget, this Award-winning film (my version was played by Bratz dolls).

Here it is world!

The Many Sides of Truth

Meghann's truth: I am completely convinced that the guy I was dating stopped answering my phone calls because he is still trapped in a sink hole in Guatemala (I'm coming for you baby!)

Real truth: He was too in love with me to keep the relationship going (I''m such a heartbreaker!)

Harsh truth: He's shtupping a waitress.

sad truth: He got hit by a MUNI Bus (ouch!)

Telanovela Truth: He got another girl pregnant and has sworn off all other women so he can raise his new baby (you better name her after me damnit!).

Ridiculous, Impossible, In-denial truth: (see 'Meghann's truth')

ACTUAL TRUTH: I have no F^@king idea because he never returned my f$#king calls!

Saving Grace: I never liked him that much anyway :-)


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