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TGIM!: Packing Edition!

I am moving out of my house that has been my home for the past few years (tear). As I find myself up to my neck in nostalgia, I am forced to make the painful decision of what stuff is worth saving and what is meant to be given/thrown away. In the wee hours of the morn as I pack my life away, the truth comes out...

Meghann's truth: I'll just sit in the middle of my room and stare at old magazines for five hours. Then I'll be forced to make a rushed decision when I realize the storage place closes at 5.

Compulsive hoarder's truth: I should keep this letter from my aunt. I mean she did sign it and everything. Oh and this shirt from the 7th grade. Its meant for a small asian child, but I've kept it this long I can't throw it out now!!! A ticket stub from Transformers...wasn't that like Oscar-nominated for its special effects?

Sad/Actual truth: See Compulsive hoarder's truth

German truth: Get rid of everysing! Stark cold emptiness is a part of your heritage!!!

Harsh truth: No one is going to want your kindergarten-like painting of half a butterfly. Seriously, you are 24, maybe learn how to draw something new. A still life maybe? Anything other than a butterfly and different types of shamrocks. That's pretty much all you've got in your repertoire thus far.

Sappy Ending Truth: I really am gonna miss this place :-/

Saving Grace: Spain? I'll keep you updated...


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