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TGIM: Thank God It's Meghann!

Hello Everyone! I'm so excited to kick off my weekly installment, TGIM, here at our improv blog. I have made the historic decision to introduce you, the reader, to my sketches. I can't take all the credit (or blame), as many are collaborative efforts made by Chinese Ballroom.

For my first entry, I will attempt to answer the age-old question: 'bagels or donuts'?

After a day of donut eating, Chinese Ballroom slowly began the imagination of our Donut Musical, entitled "Donut it Up!".

The musical is about a down and out donut shop trying to live up to the stiff competiton that is the new bagel store, "Bagels, Bagels, Bagels". The donut shop has a colorful array of regulars, who all love to sing about their passion for donuts. The musical will feature such hits as:

"Get Your Schmear On" by Missy E,
"Donut Believin'" by Journey
and of course the Britney Spears classic, "I'm Not a Hole, Not Yet a Donut".

Stay tuned for "Donut World" updates as well as brand new sketches!


  1. This post will now spark a heated debate...

    I thought our musical was called "Donut World", with opening choreographed song, "Donut it Up."

    And, donut? Doughnut?

    I call a team meeting. Andy, you bring the do/dough-nuts.

  2. Eek, good point. I guess I chose against having the store named after the musical for fear of copying the classic cinematic masterpiece, "Good Burger". I also chose the spelling 'donuts' because of its more comedic spelling.

  3. I will have no part in this, baked or otherwise