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TGIM!: Truths Revisited

I am flirting with the idea of teaching abroad, and thus have been fantasizing about the life of an American in Barcelona. And so, in the vain of my last entry, I am revisiting my utter naivety in..."The Many Sides of Tourism"

Meghann's truth: I am going to have so much Spanish sex my vagina is gonna be bilingual.

Real truth: The Spaniards will be too intimidated by my American b(eau/oo)ty.

Sad truth: Spanish women (shit!).

Harsh truth: I will attempt to eat ham for the first time in years in order to impress a guy...ouch.

Telanovela Truth: I will get pregnant with a footballer's child and be sworn to secrecy, until Spanish gossip blogger País Hilton leaks the news.

Verdad de Español: Hola, me llamo Meghann. Yo soy American, y no hablo español.

ACTUAL TRUTH: This is all hypothetical, I'll get back to you when there is actual truth to speak of.

Saving Grace: It's fuckin Spain. I think I'll be able to have at least some fun :-)