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Stand-Up Thursdays: Thursday Hustle

Thursdays are very important days for Hustlers. It's their Monday. While other people are starting to look forward to Friday and winding down on the weekend, Hustlers are dusting off their caps and getting ready to do what they do best: Hustle.

Urban Dictionary's #1 definition says:
a) make money doing something slightly shady
I hustled during college- not in the way you think.'s #4 definition says:
hus·tle –verb (used without object)
4. Slang. To earn one's living by illicit or unethical means.

When most people think of Hustlers, pimps, drug dealers and a certain gentleman's magazine pop to mind, but there are so many more out there. Police officers, religious figures, celebrities, politicians, and anyone in the public eye have all most likely hustled at some point to get where they are today. Even people you wouldn't think of, bus drivers, store clerks, mall Santas, interstellar smugglers, can use a little hustle in their everyday. But how do these "ordinary fucking people" add Hustle to their lives?

Katt Williams has the answer in his special American Hustle.