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Vince - Undercover at an official Chinese Ballroom practice

SHHHH...I managed to sneak into Chinese Ballroom's first practice since their Walnut Creek show last month. Yes, I'm on the team, so I was supposed to be there, but I don't think they knew that I was secretly taking my head.
Well, the evening started off very festive, with many delicious snacks (some homemade) and drinks to surprise Nico and celebrate his birthday...except Nico decided to surprise US and not show up. Tricky Nico.
On to the actual practice. After a few warm-ups the team decided to have a little fun and return to one of their old semi-long form games, "5-1," where 5 separate scenes are started, and one by one are eliminated until only one remains. Here are the highlights in order of their voting off:

5. "Kermit and Miss Piggy" Miss Piggy (MegH) finally confesses to Kermy (Dave) that she's been doing the Swedish Chef (Andy)...(hot, right?)

4. "Kate At The Dr." A young girl (Vince) goes to the Doctor and discovers that she absolutely loves being naked at the doctor's office. Based on a true story about Kate's alleged third nipple, and her first visit to the OBGYN.

3. "Operation" A deadly Japanese game show where contestants lay their lives on the line to compete in seemingly normal and harmless games such as operation (on a live body) and full-scale Battleship.

2. "Hooker Tears" Dave and Vince as students at the Academy of Art and devising a clever way to pay for their tuition: stabbing prostitutes and collecting and selling their tears. Also, it's art.

1. "Dr. Racist" A doctor's who's real name is Dr. Racist gets put on trial for being racist and all of his diverse, minority-heavy friends come out of the woodowork to proclaim in total seriousness that they absolutely did not just get paid by the doctor to come defend him.

All in a day's work. Now, since I'm on summer vacation (one of the times I think, "God, I love being a teacher.") I am doing some traveling, so my posts over the next two weeks will come from mythical New York City, and then lovely Oak Harbor, Ohio.


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