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Why Tuesdays Suck: Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton led many of us working gals astray. When I imagined going to work at the office, I pictured a sassy office manager, a blossoming divorcee, a voluptuous country singer (ok, in my head, I'm the country singer, but I digress...) and coming up with all sorts of fun schemes to kill the boss...

Disappointment #1: I'm not a country singer. Nor do I have Dolly Parton's proportions.

Disappointment #2: I don't want to kidnap and kill my boss.

Disappointment #3: Florescent lighting does nothing for my complexion.

Thanks a fucking lot, Dolly.

Love, MegO


  1. My mom apparently helped brainstorm ideas for this movie, she roomed with the writer. I didn't believe her... but...Dolly Parton's character=Doralee. My mom's name=Coralee.