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D-Bag Awareness

Douchebags. They're everywhere; the club, the gym, the grocery store, work. But nowhere are they more prevalent than at the beach. This past weekend I spent a little bit of time in Newport, and when this particular douchebag was pointed out to me, I nearly fell off my bike. His Douchebag Modus Operandi? He was sitting on his car, surfboard and gear packed up, and as cars made their way through the crowded parking lot adjacent to the beach, he was SELLING his parking spot. Dude!! Congratulations, you found a great parking spot a few hours ago. You did your thing, now get the fuck out of there and let someone park who is actually looking for a nice relaxing day at the beach with their family. I feel the same way about douhebags that I feel about spiders. I know they're everywhere, but I don't want to see them. And when I DO see them, I want to squash them.
This about sums it up:

May you have a wonderful, douchebag-less week. See everyone this Saturday night at the Phoenix!


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