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Dave's Manic Monday: San Francisco Bikers Edition

San Francisco is full of many communities. The sheer diversity of people and interests is one of the most beautiful aspects of living in San Francisco. Some of these communities appear to be more visible than others: the queer community has been omnipresent in the city since WWII, SF has the highest concentration of Asian people outside of Asia (and the highest concentration of Asian Americans in North America), and the Bay Area is a haven for fitness enthusiasts and was even recently named the leanest city in the country!

There is one community that has become so outspoken, visible, and brazen, they have become synonymous with life in SF: San Francisco Bicyclists. With our mostly efficient mass transit, moderate, year-round, coastal weather, and the overall rejection of the status quo, the Bay Area has been a haven for bicyclists for decades. In fact, Marin County is credited as the birthplace of the modern mountain bike in the 1970's. However, I would like to assert now, on this very blog, that some of our beloved Bicyclists have gone too far.

How many times have you been crossing the street (in a car or otherwise) and been almost clipped by an overly zealous biker who couldn't be bothered to stop at that stop sign?

How often have you been chided by an arrogant bi-ped for taking up your fair share of the road/sidewalk?

How do you feel when they consistently berate you subconsciously with their superhuman calves protruding through the rolled-up pant leg of their jeans, and custom messenger bags?!?

It's been far too long they've been breaking traffic laws, hogging more than their fair share of the road, and flaunting their physical superiority and Earth-saving abilities.

SF Bikers: Chill out, and please, wear a helmet.

Also, where can I get a fetching fixie? I want biker calves.


  1. Asia actually doesn't have that many Asian Americans, mostly just Asians

  2. Andy makes a good point. Most Asian Americans live outside of corrected.

    Kate, most bikers are great, but some are not, and they need to learn to live with the rest of us.