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Dave's Manic Monday: Summer, I remember thee fondly

Every morning, and every evening I leave and return to my home wrapped up like a fresh cocoon. I wear a jacket on my back, a beanie or cap on my head, and a scarf around my neck almost every day. Some days, even the best coordinated combination cannot prevent the bleakness from sinking in. It's the second week of August, and already summer seems like a distant memory.

Every seasoned San Franciscan knows what they're getting into each summer. Summer in San Francisco is as unconventional and rebellious as the city itself. It's a general disregard for the natural order of the planet; a big, wild salsa dance with Big Blue and a big, fat middle finger to the Fisherman's Wharf tourists. However, maybe it's the weeks on end with nights below 60, maybe it's the necessity to wear multiple layers of clothing when outdoors while running errands, or perhaps it's that most of the world is experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, but something about this summer seems down-right un-American. You will rarely hear me soberly yearn for the dry, desolate Phoenix summers of my childhood, but every now and then, one of these nights, it would be nice to walk outside (in shorts...or at least a thin cardigan) to get ice cream after sunset, or even to attempt a picnic at the beach. It could be because I've been planning a trip to Central/South America in January and have been salivating over the lush beaches, but right now, in this moment, as I sit on my white shag rug, with a fluffy hoodie, and the heater on in my room, my resolve has cracked.

I know I always talk about how much I love layers and wool accessories, and how miserable the heat is almost everywhere without a beach and with bodies with active gym memberships, and the delight of a good Pimm's cup. But, this just doesn't feel right. There have been too few opportunities for me to burn my pasty appendages.

Don't fret though, like any good, seasoned San Franciscan, I remind myself to be patient. I know October is just around the corner.

Until then, enjoy a slice of Argentina.


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