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Nico's Lazy Sunday (Going Green Edition)

I felt rather peckish and chinese food sounded wonderful. Tsing Tao restaurant was empty other than the two young clerks laughing hysterically at the TV and a rainbow of rude black girls eating pork. I ordered the sesame seed chicken lunch special with sweet and spicy soup. It came out in record speed which didn't surprise me because the kitchen sounded like an assembly line of chopping and Cantonese. Oh the Chinese, so industrious I thought.

Feeling sluggish after my meal, I walk home through a sea of church going patrons. The women and their hats were amazing. Left and right the colors were so brilliant. I turn my eye and I see a giant plastic banner in front of the Calvary Presbyterian reading "Step Up and Go Green for Jesus". What a lovely thought.

Having grown up a tepid Presbyterian, it made sense to me for the son of God to support the green movement. If you read the Bible carefully his teachings have historically been rooted in caring for mother nature. Turning water in to wine? My God Jesus, you invented recycling. There isn't a trace of a carbon footprint when you can walk on water either. Also, lets not forget I am talking about the holy dude who fed 5 thousand men with just five loaves of bread and two fish. Totes magotes JC! You're so good at sustainability! No wonder the church is pushing their congregation to "Step up and Go Green for Jesus!"

However, lets not get ahead of ourselves. Since the issues of environmental concern were first introduced and the casm in our ozone started expanding, Christians have led a crusade fighting against Global warming. What does this all mean? Could it be possible that the church is preaching contradictory ideas? ...Or being "hell-a" hypocritical?

I get home now, the fog is slowly creeping in and the wind is making my windows creak. The Chinese food has gone through my intestines and is now sitting uncomfortably in my bowels. Oh my God what should I do about my upset tummy? What would Jesus do? From what I learned today, he would want me to compost.


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