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Nico's Lazy Sunday (Late Edition)

Dear Anika,

Well, so it's Monday. I know all of you out there are wondering what happened on Sunday to prevent me from writing this edition. I'm talking to you our sole Blogger follower Anika Steig! Well, the events that led to my tardiness was due to an overwhelming road trip to the City of Angels. Golly Anika it was super saucy! However, let's not discuss the trip to L.A, because frankly i'm gentleman. There are more important issues in the world that concern being late.

We find ourselves now living in such trying times and a major concern of mine is over population. In an economic stand point, it's very difficult to foresee how we as a society will manage supply and demand if birth rates continue to increase. And by no intention do I want to point fingers or anything, but i'll go ahead and point my big fat finger on late periods. It's happening way too often to women all over this planet. Ironically in comparison to the latter, another major-way over-due tardy mishap: the recent stop of flow caused by the BP oil spill. Golly Anika, it took months and months of killing killer whales and fooling school of fish before a solution was developed. Sadly, this is the world we live in.

I understand I was late in this edition, punctuality is often a vital characteristic of mine. In fact, my phone, alarm clock, and laptop is 10 minutes in advance. Being on time can really change the world. What if women always had their period on time? Would hundreds of killer whales still be alive right now? Anika had I wrote this edition yesterday, would you have laughed at it and brought us more followers? My chronically beating heart says yes.



  1. thanks Ani, for being our one follower!!!
    and Nico, I think you're on to something....entice people to follow us by promising to write them a blog post TO them. brilliant.