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TGIM!: Chinese Ballroom

This post will be my last in the States for quite awhile. This time next week I will be up to my neck in Spanish penis (see previous post, Barcelona). I will try my best to keep up the posting once a week and check in with you all. I just wanted to take this time to reveal some truths about the team I have grown to love. Seriously "grown" to love. It was hard at first.

Chinese Ballroom truth: A team of miscreants, misfits, and Vince, we have pushed, scratched, and clawed our way to the top of the bottom. We work hard, fight hard, play hard, and die hard (and cry hard, but only at the end of the month).

Dave's Truth: If Dave were an inanimate object he would definitely be a turquoise paint strip. He is bright, lively, sassy, and hard to spell(?). He is also the hardest working person I know. Not only can he organize artists better than Tim Gunn, he's also really good at fake crying. Like he works hard at it. You can see it in his face.

Nico's Truth: He's our only ethnic guy, but he's so much more. He smokes, wears tight clothes, and judges us all on a daily basis. He conspicuously creates scenes where we are his servant and he once wrote a blog post about cocktails. That's right he's a hipster people. And he deserves rights too!

Kate's Truth: One of my inspirations for going abroad. She shares my interest in soccer, beer, and latin boys. Wingwoman I'm gonna miss you!

Andy's Truth: I'll miss ya buddy :-)

Vince's Truth: The big brother I never had, plain and simple. We're both short, have lots of chest hair, and can name more musical theatre characters than most. I mean, its uncanny.

Meg O's Truth: Meg!! You have brought such a positive light and energy to this team that is so appreciated!! And our sex factor went up like 50 points when you joined. I mean seriously, we were a seedy crew. Now we shower some, and don't come to practice in stained pj's anymore.

Tough Guy Movie Ending Truth: Sianara Muther F$%^ers!

Weepy Nicholas Sparks Ending: AHhhhhhuuuuuuhhhhh, Uhhhahhhuuuuudsudflenjfisuuuuuuu!

Real/Governator Truth: "I'll be back"

Spice Girl's truth:

Meghann's Truth: I have been so proud of Chinese Ballroom's growth over the past few years. This is the most dedicated group of people I know, and I am so excited to return next summer and witness the great accomplishments that this team will have made.

Chineeeeese Ballroom!


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