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TGIM! Mazel tov!

Sorry for the late post, I am at home for a dual Bar/Bat Mizvah. The day has been filled with new festivities for my Catholic family, from singing in Hebrew, to the Hava Nagila. The truth is, I have been looking forward to this moment since my uncle broke the glass under the huppa at my aunt and uncle's wedding. There was a lot riding on this night, and many truths were revealed that were unexpected:

Meghann's Truth: Enter Shikzah goddess. Hello boys, care to make your Jewish parents uncomfortable while you kushn the Gentile in the corner? I've got some Catholic guilt, and sarcasm to boot. I enjoy bagels and shmear, Elena Kagan, liberal politics, and I have a nasal problem. Hellloooooooo!!!!

Guuuurl Truth: The Rabbi was soooooo fine. But I thought it would be inappropriate to take a gawking photo of him with my Iphone during the ceremony.

Real Truth: The closest I got to any hot Jewish boys (besides ironic dancing) was when I sneezed and one said
'Gesundheit'. Oops, thats German. Nevermind.

Sad Truth: I was place at the F*(#ing kid's table. I had white wine at the kid's table. I got drunk at the kids table, while the cute Jewish boys were having grown up conversations about careers and politics. I spoke to soon, I did have a riveting conversation with a lovely forth grader about how long it takes to drive from Sacramento to San Francisco. "What is it an hour, two"? How the hell would she know she's 9!

Dance truth: Jewish boys break dancing. I haven't seen that much cross culture since Sammy Davis, Jr. Seriously boys, that prep school you go to and lamborghini you were promised? Not helping with your street cred. Keep taking those hip hop dancing lessons to boost your college apps. And stop hitting on me! I appreciate the sentiment, and I know there was some confusion with the kid's table and all but you're 15!

Jewish Truth: If you get invited to a B'nai Mitzvah, GO TO THE SYNAGOGUE, NOT JUST THE PARTY! It's tacky, and believe me, it will be remembered for all eternity.

Mom's Truth: "I thought Catholics were the only ones who sat and stood so much at mass". My sister's response, " Remember mom, we got it from them."

It was such a beautiful celebration, and perhaps the last time I will see my family for awhile. I wonder if I'll meet any cute Jews in Spain?


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