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What art thou doing?

I like Shakespeare. I like Shakespearean references. I like subtle Shakespearean references within pop culture that make me feel really smart when I catch them. I also enjoy well-done parodies of some of the Bard’s stories and characters (see the College Players’ Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr [abridged] reunion in 2014), and I feel that even Billy Shakes himself would appreciate the good ones, for even he understood he was not perfect, and knew that the world and the theatre is ever evolving. That being said, and in honor of the defeat of Prop 8, I give you…Sassy Gay Friend. This is one of my favorites, and there are more out there. Enjoy! ~VINCE


  1. You've probably already seen it, but Slings & Arrows is a great TV show for any Bard Enthusiasts out there