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Why Tuesdays Suck: VD

Now if I were to tell you that some of the people in my office were opposed to germs, or to even go as far as to call a select few "germaphobes', I wouldn't want you to get the wrong idea.

I don't mean these are the kind of people who, out of the blue, will go disappear for a decade, shave their head, and come back to host an intricately dumb gameshow.

What I mean is, there is Purell and Lysol wipes EVERYWHERE, little reminders to wash your hands in each bathroom and kitchen, and it is not just a suggestion, but a command that you use the paper toilet-seat covers that I despise. What can I say? I live my life dangerously...

Until I saw THIS:

If equestrians and babies can get VD, no one is safe! Go to your local janitorial supply store and stock up on paper toilet-seat covers now...BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

Love, MegO


  1. Just yesterday I thought to myself 'I forgot what Howie looked like with hair...'. Not only did you remind me why I had blocked it from my memory, but you taught me an important lesson in the process. My life is changed. Thanks Meg
    -Riley Mathis

  2. is it bad that i had to google what venereal disease meant?

  3. the tune is so catchy....i'll probably be whistling it all day at work tomorrow...thanks meg! ::glare::