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Me and my panic dreams.

Kate here. Heyo.

You may remember the last Chinese Ballroom dream I had where Vince sabotaged a show. Well, I guess this a regular thing now, cause I just woke up from another Chinese Ballroom nightmare.

We were performing in front of a huge crowd. We were a hit. But little by little, as I looked into the audience, people were trickling out and the others were not paying attention. Suddenly I looked down at my watch and it was 11:00pm and we had started the show at 5. OMG, this show has been going on for 6 hours?!?!?! How come no one caught this??? This is a disaster!!!!

So we ended (finally) the show with the game "Actor's Worst Nightmare" but the two performers (who in real life aren't Chinese Ballroom members but are people in my life and if I see them on the street I'm gonna deck 'em for ruining the show) totally messed up the game and the audience boo'ed.



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