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Stand-up Thursdays: Maz Jobrani vs Big Jay Oakerson

Anthony J. D'Angelo said "Don't fear change - embrace it." Following his example, I have change Stand-up Thursdays, but just a little. No more random, dimly lit, cocktail soaked stand-up bits I can half remembered from this club or that specail. No sir, I have decided to give you something you might (and should) actually use: a look at some bits from comedians coming to San Franciscoin the near future.

San Francisco has lots of great comedy clubs with big and small names alike. Cobb's Comedy Club, Punchline, The Purple Onion, and SF Comedy College are just a few of many venues you can regularly see stand-up in San Franciso, with many other theaters featuring stand-up nights and similar events. The SF Comedy Competition is even having a night at the theater I work for at the JCCSF (click here for tickets). Stand-up tickets tend to be less expensive ( usually has cheap or free tickets) than your average live-performance tickets, even with the two drink minimum. Thanks to San Francisco's amazing mass transit system, you can throughly enjoy those two drinks (and possibly a few more) and still make it home safe. Stand-up is great for a date, going out with friends, bachelorette parties, bar mitzvahs, or baptisms (sometimes the club owners get made about the water, so be sure to clear baptisms before purchasing your tickets). Anyway you slice it, stand-up is awesome and San Francisco couldn't make it more accesable, so get out there and see some comedians like Maz Jobrani at Cobb's Sept 23rd-26th and Big Jay Oakerson at Punchline Sept 22nd-25th.

Maz Jobrani

Big Jay Oakerson

While both are funny, most of Maz Jobrani's material seems to relate to Iran and the Middle East and Big Jay tends to sick with being a little dirty, a little vulgar, and basically a dirtball. Since I am not Iranian and am a total dirtball, my gut tells me to go to Big Jay Oakerson's show if I had to pick just one comic to see this week. But there's no reason not see both, enjoy the bountiful cornucopia that is San Francisco's Stand-up Scene, you're not getting any younger.