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TGIM! For British Eyes Only!

This blog is dedicated to my English roommates here in Spain. They have been patient with my odd Americanisms and have opened my eyes to many UK truths...

Arrested Development truth: If you don't understand the reference made in the title of this blog, you should!

Second Arrested Development truth: Their words not mine.... (okay its like the only dvd I brought)

Slang Truth: I will give you a million dollars if you can tell me what the f*&k chock-a-block is. Seriously. And bellend?! These are such crazy slang terms I can't even translate them into English, er, American, whatever! Apparently I'm learning three languages here: Castillian, Catalan, and whatever the hell these lasses are talkin' ;-)

Second Slang Truth: Get ready for me to sound right stupid when I get back. I'll be all talkin bout my rubbish landlord in my right shit flat. 'We don't even have a proper lift!'

I'll have to live in the Mission, seeing as those residents will be the only ones who will understand me...

American Truth: I think I'm rubbing off on them too. I could've sworn one of them said "dude" the other day. It was so sweet, baby's first word!

Drinking Truth: These broads can drink. They took me to three bars in one night! I know I'm supposed to live up to such American stereotypes as 'Animal House' or that one episode of Friends where Rachel gets really messed up on white wine. I mean we had George Bush as a President! And Bill Clinton! know I'm just gonna stop there. Many of our American Presidents were classic binge drinkers, and this year, I will just have to be more patriotic. I salute you Great Lakes as I polish off this Estrella. I sing your praises Pacific Ocean as I chug this Irish Car Bomb. And I pretend you aren't there Deep South, as I regret that last Margarita. 'Oh say can you see'....that drunk American? That drunk American, my friends, will be me.


  1. wait...just realized you gave the translations for those two slang words.. yikes.. i will make sure to stop saying them to people who walk in the gym!