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TGIM! Week 1

Hello everyone from Spain! It's only been a week, but I already have much to report. From my 15 hours traveling by air to my 9 days living and working at school, many truths were revealed.

German truth: This icon, indicating passport checks at the Frankfurt Airport looks all too much like the SS. Seriously Germany, who do you think you are Arizona? Or you, 70 years ago?

Dos Besos Truth: With all these double kisses I am preparing myself for an accidental lesbian experience. My teeth are always brushed and my Lowe's card is always in my pocket.

Kiddie/Cultural truth: Each day, my students perform an insane ritual where they buffer their shoes, comb their hair, and spray cologne on themselves. Mind you, they're 3. I'm convinced one of the boys has permanently blinded himself from cologne in the eye, but hey, he smells good.

Guapo Truth: Dayummmmm, even if a guy is ugly in Spain he's attractive. I wonder if it has to do with the time difference?

Castillian Truth: Never say "Gracias" here with food in your mouth. It will not be received well.

Verdad de Español: Este es mi practicando mi Español. "Puedo tener dos cervezas por favor?". Kate, is that right?

I miss you all loads and will try my best to keep you updated on my time here. I should have another blog up soon.


Meg Hayes


  1. girrrrrrrl you nailed it, hahahaha. te extraño!

  2. It's funny that that German crest DOES look strikingly like the Arizona flag: