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Why Tuesday's Suck: Hiatuses

Yes, that is the plural of hiatus- I googled it.

Working in an office is new for me, and I find surprises around every corner. They are not fun surprises. Not like a birthday surprise, or finding five dollars in your pocket surprise. They're like: oh, hey, you stepped in dog crap.

So, I took a hiatus from just about everything. I went to Burning Man and did some soul searching. I stopped writing this super time-consuming blog (getting back those 20 minutes really did something for me) and you know what I found out?

Hiatuses are great, until you get back, and there are stacks of papers all over your desk, and assignments with big red ASAP's written all over them, and dog poop on your shoe. So you know what got me through my hiatus? Youtube.

We've all been there

*This post brought to you by Actimel*


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