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While bored at work, watching the minutes digitally change in the lower right hand corner of my screen, I decided to kill some time the same way everyone else does. "But I'm not like everyone else, Andy, my mom says I'm unique and if I can dream it, I can do it! How does everyone else kill time?" you exclaim so loudly that your interesting hat falls off (we know, you starting wearing it before everyone else did). Well, your mother is half right, but shattered dreams aside, I'll let you in on the secret that everybody else has been talking about for years: Chinese Ballroom's YouTube Channel.

Check out our channel for clips from past shows and upcoming show announcements. "But I'm a die hard Baller. I've seen all your shows, I follow Chinese Ballroom on Facebook, Twitter, and was quoted twice the Chinese Ballroom Blog. Why would I need to look at the Chinese Ballroom YouTube Channel?" you scream as your fascinating non-prescription glasses fall from your face (we know, they used to have a prescription but then got lasik and your face would look weird without them). First off, stop yelling at me. Secondly, YouTube also finds videos related to the ones we post, and they pick some gems. Below is just one of the first ones that showed up, enjoy!



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