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Stand-Up Thursdays: The Monsters of Comedy

In my attempt to change the format of my blog entry every week, I continue this week by telling you about a stand-up show I saw earlier this week, The Monsters of Comedy at Club Deluxe.

It was a 9:00pm show on a Monday, so I wasn't expecting much of a line. Club Deluxe itself is a cool venue, with the feel of a jazz and salsa club merged, but with no dancing or heroin. Murials of the early founding of the Bay Area and it's hole in the wall spot on Haight St make it a cool little venue that I think is a must see in the SF stand-up world. I showed up around 8:40 and was surprised to see the club nearly empty. The bar had about 10 or so people milling about and there were two couples sitting in the "theater" part of the club, but nobody else.

After 3 tall Bourbon and Sodas ($10, not bad) and 40 minutes of waiting (bad), the show finally got under way around 9:20 with a crowd of about 20 (7 or so of which were affiliated with the show). Not only did I get acts from the four stars of the tour, Ari Shaffir, Sam Tripoli, Jason Rouse and Chris Neth (what comedian doesn't have a website?), but they had a local opener named Big Al, a warm-up comedian who was actually pretty good (forgot his name though), and three local closers. While this plethora of comedians was nice to see, it did make some of the sets short, but with the small crowd it kept the energy high and the show moving. Vulgar comes to mind when describing this show, but hey, if you can't be a little vulgar in San Fran, then were can you be?

All the head liners had good polished sets, but my stand up stand outs were Ari Shaffir and Sam Tripoli. Their bits were funny, they had great improv and banter with the crowd, and both seemed really comfortable on stage. I'd recomend seeing either of them if you have a chance, or go see The Monsters of Comedy show and see them both for the price of one! Check out their clips below for a sneak peek into the Monster Vault (Ari has more hair now and, therefore, looks funnier).
Ari Shaffir

Sam Tripoli



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