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TGIM! Update

Hello all!! Here's an update of the last few weeks here in Spain...

Spanish Comprehension truth: Today I asked if the cook had any 'jueves'. That's right. I asked if I could eat Thursdays. Sorry Andy, I just ate Stand-up Thursdays with some chunky tomato sauce and a side of tuna salad. It was pretty good, I think I'm gonna have the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

Kiddie Truth: I have found that I can get around knowing Spanish with just three facial expressions to anything a kid tells me...

Expression 1 (Amazement): Woooooww that is sooo impressive!! I mean Amelia Earhart was cool and everything but you? That picture of a tree is just uncanny!
Expression 2 (Conflict Resolution):
He did what to you?! That's awful! Oh I'll 'talk' to him alright.
You did what to him?! How could you! That was his bucket!
Apologize. Go play.
Expression 3: I have no f(*king idea what you're saying so I'm just gonna nod and say Aaaahhhhhhhhhh like I get what you're saying. But I really don't.

Gay truth: I miss gays! We went to the beach and the gay section was right next to us and I longed to be a fruit fly again! Everytime I see a boy choose a pink crayon over a blue one I swear my heart starts singing Weather Girls. Everytime I see a man with frosted tips I think, "N'SYNC hasn't been in for years, you must be gay!" And then I think, "Gurl why the hell do you have frosted tips?!"

Real Truth: I really love it here and want to move to Barcelona and get a real teaching job and get a Spanish boyfriend who likes Hitchcock movies and can teach me Spanish and Catalan (just for the hell of it) and take me to Park Guell where I can read and he can write and we can just be.

Truth of someone who's been reading Eat, Pray, Love and watching too much How I Met Your Mother: See Real Truth

Soooooo as you can see nothing much has changed. I'm still a gay-loving, Spanish flubbing, overly expressive, hopeless romantic. Some things have changed, but some of course will always stay the same :-)