Next Show:10th Anniversary Show! // Mar 15 at 8:00pm // PianoFight, SF

Time has run out!

Okay, it's late in the day, I'm still going to be at work for another few hours, and I have to get up early to go to a straight wedding (I can't believed they legalized it with all the divorce rate figures). What this means for you, our loyal fan(s), is that I have not properly researched and explored the full comedic stylings of this week's local stand-up acts.

What I can tell you is that Kristen Schaal will be at Cobb's Comedy Club Oct 7th-9th and Jimmy Dore at Punchline SF Oct 6th-9th. You probably know Kristen Schaal from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Flight of the Conchords and there's a slight chance you know Jimmy Dore from The Marijuana Logues. They're both pretty funny, Schaal plays the innocent card while Jimmy plays the pot card (literally, he has a prescription).

So, instead of giving you the tale of the tape for these two comedians, I thought I would just show you the last 3 videos posted on my facebook wall, enjoy!



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