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Why Tuesdays Suck: Going to the Gym

Every Tuesday morning, before the sun has graced the city with it's presence, I go to the gym. I hop on the bus, where everyone else on the bus is either going to the same gym as me (twilight zone theme plays here) or going to some Asian Market that no one but these four people on the 2 Clement know about. There are some things I like about the gym, like: I feel good afterwards, I have more energy during the day, and if all goes right, my butt will stop looking like it belongs on J. Lo.

But, there are somethings that just SUCK about the gym...

Like, making these faces:

And instead of working out next to him:

You work out next to him

But mainly, the reasons why gyms suck so this bitch

Why is she at the gym? Was she not held enough as a baby? Is she revenge working-out after a bad break up? Is she living a she actually brunette? No, I think she likes watching the chubsters on their treadmills breaking a sweat after .1 mile. I think she gets off on sweat marks in embarrassing places, like between the boobs and above the butt crack...I think this woman is sick. And I bet she can't hold her liquor like I can.

Love, MegO


  1. HAHAH YES!! or the older, unnaturally flexible woman who does bizarro yoga/pilates moves in front of the mirror in the empty aerobics room. i've seen waaaaay too much of that.

  2. Hahaha, love it! Or that really gassy vegetarian whose farts smell like....oh wait.

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