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TGIM! Halloween

Halloween in Barcelona. From teaching my students about the holiday, to dragging my ass back into the school at 8am as the security guard ended his shift (embarrassing!), it was quite the weekend.

Halloween Rap Truth: "Halloween is fun, Halloween is cool. Hello pumpkin, hello ghost, hello witch, and hello cat." The rap my four year olds learned for Halloween, hahaha.

Improv Truth: The Brits and I played a story game on All Hallow's Eve and ended up creating a story about Elvis, Bob Marley, George Michael, Jesus, Michael Jackson, and a guy from our school meeting for a toke at a drum circle. I swear the game wasn't exits....

Spanish Truth: Halloween is the perfect night to walk around Barcelona and let EVERYONE know you are foreign. Hello cute Spanish couple have a romantic dinner, Hola! abuelito drinking your espresso. Pardon my zombie friends and I. We're just going to get fucked up until 8am, and then vomit all over your town. Don't mind us.

Barca Truth: Going to the beach at 5am, maaaaaaaybe not the safest thing to do. AND you can find Americans anywhere, even when you don't want to. "Hey club bitches that cut in line. I'm sooooo glad you are representing my country by being here. Go choke on your weave, and trip on your slutty nurse heels. No one knows what you are anyways!", says the girl in the dead fish costume.

Absynth Truth: I don't think I did it right. Kylie Minogue didn't even appear to me as a green fairy. Although I did see a demon on stilts AND a guy in an SF Giants jersey. Does that count?

Go see Chinese Ballroom this weeekend!!! New theatre, short games, and more. The short games of course are to make up for the absence of one short improv member, ahem :-)



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