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Hi everyone! Here's an update from sunny Spain. The truth when it all hangs out...

Yo hablo espanol truth: My new way of learning Spanish is: watching telenovelas, soccer, and Bob Esponja. Guess which one is the most fruitful. So far all I know how to say is 'pelota'. And I know the names of tons of Spanish players. AND I've looked up youtube clips of them getting in fights and then kissing and making up. Unfortunately the audio is cut on most of these clips. I continue to watch, though. Just in case.

Cheap ass truth: So my parents got me a nice pair of boots while they were here visiting. I want to keep them in good shape and thought I should look for some shoe cleaner. I then remembered that the kids shine their shoes everyday before they go home. I jokingly told a girl to shine my shoes, and (gotta love kids) she did it. Today she walked up to me and just started shining my shoes without any prompting. Oops. I wonder what the child labor laws are like in Spain.

¿Como? truth: It seems that since I hang out with kids and women all day, that I can only understand well... women and children. Lately, whenever a man addresses me in Spanish, I can feel my brow wrinkle and my eyes squint to ask the question, "¿Como?". This will certainly put a damper on my dating when I will have to ask men to speak in higher tones so I can understand them better. I guess there's always the gays...

I miss you all!

meg xoxo


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