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The Top Ten Musical Digital Shorts from SNL

Hello Ballers! The team was having a discussion (read: argument) at practice the other night about the best SNL Musical Digital Shorts. So I've gone ahead and made my Top Ten List of best SNL Digital Shorts ever, which I'm sure will spur heated arguments in the comments (Andy). Also, I put 1% actual thought into this, so I know that will make everyone even more annoyed (Andy). Enjoy!

10. The Creep

This is number 10 because before I only came up with 9 digital shorts, and then I did a Hulu search and this apparently was the latest digital short, so I'm putting it at 10 to make the list an even number. Also, I don't like it much anyway. Also, I just started drinking wine.

9. Shy Ronnie

Catchy and funny and ALSO OMG WTF is a shy boy like Ronnie doing with Rhianna???!?!?!

8. I'm on a Boat

Hee-hee! I got my flippy floppies! I think I listened to this too much when it came out in early 2009 that it's over for me. Good while it lasted. Heehee, T-Pain.

7. Lazy Sunday

Yeah, yeah, it was the first real SNL Digital Short song AND the first video I ever saw on YouTube (true story) but the novelty has worn out just a bit, and the other ones just simply get better. And Andy Samberg just simply gets hotter.

6. Mother Lover

Really really really raunchy and funny. Good guest stars. Vince still has a mixed CD in his car with this song. Truth. By the way, I just poured myself another glass of wine.

5.I Just Had Sex

Doesn't matter, HAD SEX! Akon is sexy!! WINE!

4. Iran So Far

I love politically-based humor, and this one totally ZINGS Ahmadinejad (totes did that withouht wikipedia spell-checking. JK, WINE!)

3. Dick in a Box

This song put Digital Shorts on the map. I also like it because my parents thought it was funny, and dick jokes with the parents are always a good time. Also, Dad mentioned that one of his friends gave his dick as a present to his wife once.
.....MAN, I hope Dad was talking about an actual friend and not himself.

2. Natalie Raps


1. Jizzed in my Pants

I just simply love this. Although SIXTH SENSE SPOILER ALERT, if you haven't already seen the M. Night Shyamalan classic. (BTdubs, I was super close on the spelling of M. Night Shyamalan that time).

And that's it. Andy?


  1. Lazy Sunday beat by mother lover? Total BS

  2. i thought the 2nd shy ronnie (bank stickup) was better than the first

  3. I agree w/ meg! And it has a John Hamm cameo, helurrr! :-) And (the sun just died) I have to agree w/ Andy on the Lazy Sunday. It was the first, and has gotta be in the top 5. Overall great list, I can't think of any missing. Also, when in the h-e-double hockey sticks are you guys havin' a show?!?!