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Andy's Candy

Jujyfruits - A Coming of Age Story

I eat a lot of candy. It's one of my many weaknesses. I don't know if it's the brightly colored boxes, the exciting brand names, or their location in the impulse buy section of nearly everything, but candy always finds a way onto my receipt and into my stomach, effectively ruining my appetite (sorry mom).

Other than the obvious taste-based experiences, candy brings new adventures into my life everyday. Some of them I share in my flickr set "Candy Adventures". It's a small set right now, but I'm sure it will grow at the same steady rate that my teeth seem to be falling out at. You can help too! Email your candy adventures to Below is a little tale of a Jujyfruit that needed another Jujyfruit to learn a lesson about himself, enjoy!

Jujyfruits - A coming of Age Story
Harold always felt a little different from the other Jujyfruits due to his mixed heritage.

Jujyfruits - A coming of Age Story
That all changed the day he met Judy.
Stay sweet, sugar.


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