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Beware of the Wrap-around Skirt!

Girls, as summer is entering all of our lives, I have some advice that may be able to help you avoid embarrassing situations. Whilst wearing a wrap-around skirt, please be weary that if, say you are in a hurry and carrying lots of things, in, I don't know, perhaps a subway, in, why don't we say a foreign country, with, well incredibly attractive people, on a, you know completely packed platform, the skirt may come unhinged. This could, if you are really THAT unlucky, expose your hypothetical polka dot panties as you race to get to your train. If you play it cool, people may just think you are crazy and continue reading their Hola! magazines. If this is the case, slowing back into a pillar pretending that, actually that WASN'T your train that you were desperately running for. You were simply mistaken, and now you are just ADMIRING your beautiful and WELL-HINGED skirt. DO NOT make eye contact with anyone, ESPECIALLY the people behind you. Simply hop on the next train and try to hide your red cheeks behind very large glasses. I doesn't matter that the Metro is indoors, wear they anyway! Having said that, everyone enjoy your summer and remember this story when you are feeling embarrassed. Is your story REALLY this bad?



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