Next Show:10th Anniversary Show! // Mar 15 at 8:00pm // PianoFight, SF


You love making people laugh, have a deep-rooted passion for comedy that borders on obsession, and could talk your way out of a North Korean internment camp using only your wit and a bevy of well executed character impressions. You're familiar with short AND long form improv, and you are comfortable on stage. You're dying to flex your comedic muscles and are desperate for a like-minded group of stylish, successful, and genuinely hilarious troupe of improv savants otherwise known as Chinese Ballroom.

We're Chinese Ballroom; an improv comedy team composed of 7 friends and USF alumni who have performed over 16 shows throughout the Bay Area. We are committed to challenging ourselves as performers by experimenting with multiple forms of short and long form improv, and are deeply interested in keeping our friendships rich! We regularly sell out 50+ seat venues, and are looking to expand our ranks and perform with even more tenacity and frequency to ever expanding crowds!

We generally practice for 2 - 3 hours one night a week here in the beautiful city of San Francisco. We perform on Friday or Saturday nights every 4 - 6 weeks. Periodic dinners and nights spent merrymaking over drinks are expected.

You are interested in joining Chinese Ballroom if you're yearning to be involved with a talented, enthusiastic, and occasionally frenzied team of friends, AND looking to grow as a comedic performer.

Check out for clips!

Chinese Ballroom Auditions:
Wednesday, August 10
8pm - 10pm
Phoenix Theater
414 Mason St # 601, San Francisco, CA


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