Next Show:10th Anniversary Show! // Mar 15 at 8:00pm // PianoFight, SF


Chinese Ballroom has been selected to perform at the annual San Francisco Improv Festival, and we're happier than Andy at Burning Man about the whole thing.

(True fact, Andy's a burner, ya'll).

But seriously, our performance is next week, and seeing our fans there would make us giddier than Michelle learning the moves to a Beyonce flash mob dance!

(And that's saying a lot! You should the joy in her eyes when she's doing the "Single Ladies" routine.)

The show is: Wednesday, SEPT 18th, 7:30pm, at the Eureka Theatre in downtown San Francisco! We'll be sharing the stage with a team called Illusionoid who are CANADIAN, YOU GUYS so this is pretty much an international extravaganza.

Get your tickets in advance here!

More on the whole event here:

Hope to see you all there!

(If we don't, we'll be sadder than Vince when he runs out of his favorite Swedish candy. And let us tell you, that's some sad shit right there.)