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A Chinese Ballroom Member WAS IN CHINA!

Hello Ballers! One of the Meg's here (MegO, to be precise). I am fresh off the plane from a trip to China! Yes, that is correct, one of the members of Chinese Ballroom actually went to China. I think that gives us a bit more credibility, don't you?

Not only did I see enough temples for one lifetime, walk 4km of the Great Wall, and eat just so so many noodles and dumplings, but I also got to do a little improv!

My sister, Colleen, is on the Beijing Improv English team, and she invited me to their rehearsal one evening while I was in Beijing. It was a blast. I got to sit in and play with them while they prepped for their biggest show of the year: Halloween at Penghao Theatre. Their format for their upcoming show is a longform 90-120 minute performance inspired by Game of Thrones, which they have titled A Longform of Ice and Fire.

I had the pleasure of teaching them some of CB's favorite warm-ups, and then I got to play their longform with them. It is no doubt going to be a blast to watch on Halloween night. 

I loved playing with a different team. It teaches me so much about our own team, and how humor is universal. Their English team performs exclusively in English, though they have a bilingual team which performs half in English and half in Mandarin - quite an impressive group of people. There were plenty of jokes about Beijing that flew over my head (things equivalent to making fun of SF tech buses and reclaimed-wood-Edison-bulbed-cafes), but I laughed all night and was so happy to get to perform some improv while I was away from home. 

If you happen to be in Beijing one of these days, check out their site to see if they have a show! You won't regret it!


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